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The Mamanguá Eco Lodge is located in the Mamanguá fjord near by Paraty city, state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

co-ordinates: S 23°15’49.6”
  W 44°38’11.0”

There are no roads, so you have a nice trip by boat to reach the Lodge.
From Paraty-Mirim 10min with fast boat or 30 min by baleeira or escuna.
From Paraty 30min with fast boat or 2hours by baleeira or escuna.

We also have helicopter landing place.

The Mamanguá fjord is part of the ambient protection area of the Cairuçu, and the Ecological Reserve of the Juatinga. It is a sea arm with approximately extension of 8 KM and 2 KM large, surrounded by high mountains. The Cairuçu hill is 1070m high, but the most known hill in the region is the Sugarloaf Peak, with 400m high. It is the most known in the region due to its geologic formation remember the format of a woman breast, and it is considered one of the possible origins of the Mamanguá name.

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